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ASTPHND's annual meeting
April 24, 2004
This event ended June 16, 2004  View event   

Webinar: Worksite Wellness: Forming Powerful Partnerships
This event ended June 3, 2010

Abstract: One hour free webinar showcasing the Kentucky Worksite Wellness Initiative.
Contact: Teresa Lovely, CHES
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Developing Population-Based Nutrition Services Seminar
Missouri Hosts a Moving to the Future Training
This event ended April 30, 2004

Abstract: Missouri held a 2-day training on how to develop population-based nutrition services. The training was marketed widely throughout the state.
Contact: Anita Berwanger
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2 Day National Workshop
Continuing Education Opportunity
This event ended March 12, 2005 Contact: Betsy Haughton
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Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course
This event ended August 15, 2010 Contact: Avia G. Mainor, MPH
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We Can! Regional Training
This event ended November 5, 2007  View event   

2008 Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course
Space still available!!
This event ended August 29, 2008

Abstract: 5-day training course held August 24-29, 2008
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2008 Cancer & Nutrition Symposium for Health Professionals
This event ended August 16, 2008  View event   

2008 NPHIC Annual Conference
18th Annual Conference
This event ended October 3, 2008  View event   

Promoting Healthy Weight Colloquium
This event ended March 27, 2009 Contact: Betsy Haughton
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Webinar: Tried and True Tools for Nutrition Education
The MyPyramid e-Catalog
This event ended June 4, 2010 Contact: Amanda Cook
  View event   

Webinar: Successful Partnerships
Strategies for Multi-Field and Cross-Sector Collaborations
This event ended May 25, 2010  View event   

Planners Training Service
Integrating Public Health into the Sustainable Comprehensive Plan
This event ended June 11, 2010 Contact: Kimberly Hodgson
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Teleconference: Tying it All Together
Communications Planning Panel
This event ended May 27, 2010 Contact: Sheree Thaston Vodicka, MA, RD, LDN
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Webinar: Reading, Writing, Running
The Connection Between Physical Activity and Academic Achievement
This event ended May 27, 2010 Contact: Jennifer Pinto
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2010 Nutrition and Breastfeeding Conference
Surf the Wave to a Healthy Life
This event ended September 23, 2010 Contact: Cecilia Richardson, MS, RD, LD
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Webinar: Physical Activity in Child Care Settings
Research Findings and Policy Implications
This event ended June 16, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Pass or Fail
Evaluating How Industry Markets Food to Children
This event ended June 24, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Sustainable Communities Grant Program
Opportunities for Public Health Leadership and Healthy Community Design
This event ended July 7, 2010 Contact: Shireen Malekafzali
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Webinar: Smart Meal Seal Training Overview and New Smart Meal for Kids Logo Launch
This event ended July 7, 2010 Contact: Ray Ann Rodriguez
  View event   

Webinar: Faithfully Fit
Promoting Healthy Eating and Living in African American Churches
This event ended July 13, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization
Promoting Breastfeeding and Ensuring Science-Based Decisions
This event ended July 19, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Worksite Wellness
Wisconsin's Program
This event ended July 22, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Socioeconomic Status and Risk of Diabetes-Related Mortality in the U.S.
This event ended August 31, 2010  View event   

4th Annual Southern Obesity Summit
This event ended September 12, 2010 Contact: Amanda Conway
  View event   

WIC Food Package Evaluation Symposium
This event ended November 30, 2010  View event   

The $174 Billion Question: How to Reduce Diabetes and Obesity
This event ended July 23, 2010  View event   

Getting Healthy Food to Rural Children
The Importance of Child Nutrition Programs
This event ended July 22, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Healthy Food Financing
This event ended August 5, 2010  View event   

Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity Prevention
This event ended October 21, 2010 Contact: Nicole Ferring Holovach, MS, RD
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Online course: How savvy are your social marketing skills?
Social Marketing for Nutrition and Physical Activity Web Course
This event ended December 31, 2012 Contact: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  View event   

Webinar: North Carolina State of Wellness
This event ended September 16, 2010  View event   

National Food Policy Conference
This event ended September 22, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Keep Kids Moving
How Equitable Transportation Policies Can Prevent Childhood Obesity
This event ended October 21, 2010  View event   

Promoting Healthy Weight Colloquium
Early Childhood: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Parenting and the Child Care Experience.
This event ended September 24, 2010  View event   

Webinar: Effective Government and Private Sector Initiatives to Address Childhood Obesity
This event ended September 9, 2010  View event   

Championing Public Health Nutrition 2010
This event ended October 25, 2010 Contact: Bill Jeffery, LLB, National Coordinator
  View event   

Webinar Series on Health Literacy
This event ended November 3, 2010 Contact: Holly H. McPeak, M.S., Nutrition Advisor
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Webinar: Digging Through the Farm to School Resources
This event ended October 7, 2010 Contact: Emily Buckham Buday
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We Can! Regional Trainings
This event ended November 4, 2010  View event   

showing 1 - 40 of 486